Drag Racing 101

First off, I’ll begin by saying that no one was born a drag racer. You’re not born one, you become one through hard work and never calling it quits. I’ve seen people try it a few times, seems fun to them at first, but then when you really gotta give it all you’ve got, and focus and become one with your ride, they give up, aren’t up for the challenge. That’s not an attitude that serves anyone anything.

Okay, now here are some tips on how to start and not give up. First, watch and learn. Don’t rush in being it all giddy and excited, and not knowing how to do anything. You may be confident and it may look easy when you’re a spectator, but calm yourself down and watch closely at first. You’ll see that there’s a lot going on there. Learn the process by watching and observing before you get behind the wheel – you’ll feel more confident, and once you get in that seat, everything will feel easier.

Check your engine before you start, don’t just stare impatiently at your fine & fancy watch waiting for your turn. Do the necessary preps, you know that this is important. Most people do their first race with their streetcar, and no matter how safe it is, you’ll still need to pass through inspection – make sure your battery is secure and that there are no leaks.

Next, you need comfortable clothing. This may sound irrelevant, but it really isn’t. Just try riding in tight pants once and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You can’t wear any tight, uncomfortable clothing, sandals, cropped tops, or whatnot, no matter how good or cool it looks. Comfort is a priority. You need something like long loose pants, sneakers and a T-shirt.

You’ll also need to fill up your tank, obviously, but also prepare if you’re gonna change lanes by bringing tools and spares, just in case. You may use these or may not, but either way, you should bring some. Don’t go overboard with them either, like some guys do, because you’ll see them flying out of your car in a flash.

And lastly, just be a good sport and try to understand that everyone’s there with the same purpose, to blow off some steam, so what you like and enjoy it. Try and make some new friends, even, why not?