Racin’ With Rubber Underwear

Some sports are so daring and dangerous that you hold your breath just thinking about them. Some are so thrilling and intense that you practically shit in your pants with excitement. Someone should invent rubber underwear when the portable field bathroom isn’t in sight. Crude as it may sound, it expresses the nature of drag racing at its best. This goes for the spectator as much as for the pro.

Feeling scared in a good way is a very unique and special experience. You don’t have to wonder why horror movies are a perpetual genre with new ones emerging practically weekly. People want more, and more. The same goes for certain sports that get into your blood like an exhilarating transfusion. They jack up your nerves and awaken your senses. The illegal version of drag racing goes beyond the pale for many. Anything can happen which contributes to the appeal, but envisioning two daredevils on a hidden stretch of desert highway is not everyone’s game. You can quench your thirst for speed in other, more controlled ways in the UK and beyond.

There is a fine line between fear and dread. Movies are an illusion, and they never grip you in the same way as reality. Drag racing comes pretty close to the ultimate fright. There is a point of no return when it comes to how much the human mind can take. Drag racing as a legitimate sport stays within the realm of tolerable terror. Street racing participants can pay a high price for their freedom. Some observers wonder if there is a death wish involved; and you have to know the top racers to understand the higher priorities of courage and skill. It is not just about tempting fate, but about cool cars and cooler people engaged in a great pastime or even a career.

A love of cars goes with the territory and many guys are found in their garages while in front of a TV on race days. The organized sport goes back to the 50’s in some parts, and took a lot of amateurs to a new plane. It was first about American muscle cards like the Pontiac GTO and the Olds 442. Think of “Rebel without a Cause” and “American Graffiti” to take you back in time to the early days. As with most racing, the power and speed you witness today in a public context are simply awesome. There is an underbelly of drag racing to be sure, and a certain excitement in flouting the law, but there is also a more wholesome component that speaks more to the true fans of bravado and spunk. Furthermore, it has grown from a secret passion of men to a coed sport. The cars are different with many Japanese imports taking the lead.

So mock fear is okay in my book, and I can shed the rubber underwear. I’ll go find a good toilet like the ones on RateMyToilet.net ha ha.

There will be no accidents: bodily or automobile. Unpredictability is in; witnessing the consequences of excess is out. I will stick with the normal toilet facilities and keep my urge to urinate in check when in the stands.