UK Drag Races: Spot On Spots to Catch a Great Race

The UK is known for horse racetracks but seldom acknowledged for its racing tracks.  But, truth be known, there are some spot on ones here in the UK.

The Shakespeare County Raceway is a fun, family oriented place to watch drag racing.  Definitely one of my favourites, it’s located in Shakespeare County, at Long Marston Airfield in Warwickshire near Stratford-Upon-Avon.  It’s pretty accommodating, I must admit and affordable as well. There are nostalgic races, modern car races and even lawnmower races sometimes.  You can catch a great race or, on some days, take a run down the raceway yourself.

Another great raceway is Santa Pod which is the European Drag Racing home and where FIA/FIM European Drag Racing Championships are hosted and televised.  There is a nice variety of races to choose from like retro and classic cars, funny cars and monster trucks.  I love the Bug Jam and Big Bang which is the Volkswagen Beetle and Camper fest.  Santa Pod Raceway is located on the Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire border and is very family friendly.

Crail Raceway in Scotland is at Crail Airfield.  An event called “Thrash and Dash” takes place every night from February to November and is quite the rave.  It’s especially fun to make an adventure vacation out of the trip because there are a myriad of things to do and places to see and scrumptious spots to eat a good meal at.

In the colonies, the Morris Park Motor Sport Complex Dubbo Speedway in New South Wales is, in my opinion, geared a bit more for adults.  It has stocked bars on each side and boasts fabulous views of the very well-kept professional track.  Some great races can be watched there and the atmosphere is outstanding.  I especially like the Sprint car races and the Formula 500s.  If you want to keep a good eye on the action, Dubbo is the place to go.

Eastern Creek Raceway, also known as Sydney Motorsport Park, in New South Wales is not only a good location to watch car races, but it’s an excellent location to see motorcycle races too.  This track offers a lot of diversity and also has the Garage Café is a clubhouse which serves up a nice bite to eat in between races.  There are a lot of things to do around the Raceway so it’s worth making a day or a week-end out of the trip.

Sometimes the best racetracks are those that are tucked away and unheard of by most.  The excitement can run wild at these.  You must be careful, however.  Some of the out of the way ones are not legal and you can get yourself in a heap of trouble if the rack is busted.  Be sure the spot you go to is legit so you know the drivers and yourself are protected in case anything go wrong.

The UK may not be exactly popular for drag racing, at least not as it is for horseracing.  But for those who have a keen eye for a good race, it certainly has some notable racetracks that host some of the best races I have ever seen.  Just look around and do some homework and you will, no doubt, find a great spot.